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The 4 Fundamental Truths about Professional Stories

How you can escape the resume trap and start confidently telling your story to introduce yourself, network, or find a new job

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You’ll learn:

A Serious Mindset Shift

to stop feeling trapped, frustrated, and insecure about having a work history that doesn’t match your dream job.

How to Escape the Resume Trap

and discover the not-so-hidden skills and experiences your next employer wants to hear about.

Where Your Positive Story is Hiding

In your negative work experience and story so you can share what you’ve experienced instead of feeling like you’re hiding something

A Simple Strategy for Finding the Right Stories

to tell in a professional setting so you can build relationships and share key messages at the same time

Click here to schedule your FREE live 60-minute online Masterclass now...

The way we talk about our professional lives has to change.

We have been using our work histories, CVs, and resumes to introduce ourselves for way too long. It’s time to start telling a more complete and compelling story about who you are and what you want to do.

You have a ton of skills and experiences to offer and a lot of it is not covered by your work history. If you are in the middle of a professional transition and not feeling confident that your resume or CV gives you the space you need to describe all the amazing things you can do, then this is the Masterclass for you.

I’m convinced that you have a breathtaking story to tell and I want to help you find the courage to get it out there. This Masterclass will dispel 4 myths that should never stop you from telling your professional story.

This Masterclass is for you if…

You’re looking to start a new career or change careers and aren’t sure you’ve got the right resume or CV for it.

You look at the “professional world” and think you’ll never fit because you haven’t focused enough.

You have loads of interests and you’re ready to craft a narrative that ties your interests together.

Hi, have we met yet?

Hi, I’m Christine.

I spent years stuck in the resume trap, convinced that I didn’t fit anywhere. It was demoralizing and discouraging.

Then I started telling my personal stories and started getting hired into professional jobs because of my personal experiences. I’ve honed my strategy into a step-by-step method that I use to help clients mine their personal and professional experiences for the episodes that make up their professional story.

In 2017, I started StoryCraft. I help people find, craft, and tell their personal and professional stories. You’ve got stories to tell and I want to help you put them in the world.

I want to talk to you about 4 myths that keep many people from telling their personal stories because I believe that some of our best skills and experiences are in those stories. If you want to tell your story, please join my masterclass.

I cannot wait to tell you more!

Until then!